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Recording/Mix Engineer, Producer and Videographer

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The following are testimonies I have received from clients I have worked with creatively and professionally:
  • “Honestly...cannot stress enough how everyone involved in making and recording music that is looking for "the right producer/engineer" NEEDS to grab this opportunity to work with this amazing human...

    Jai is dedicated and very proficient, in addition to having great work ethic regardless of project size or style - he doesn't have bad humour either.” - Alex Parsi 

  • “Jai assisted in a masterclass as engineer/producer introducing creative artists to the studio environment. His knowledge and skillset was vast and he was able to impart this to our students in an articulate and friendly manner. He worked well with those who participated in a recording session, putting them at ease and encouraging their creativity. I have worked professionally for almost 20 years as a session singer/artist and I could see Jai slotting in very well at any professional studio. I would be very happy to book his services myself!” - Katie Hector (Incognito, Chaka Khan, Lou Reed, Emeli Sande, Iggy Pop) | Performance and Vocal Tutor 

  • “I have found Jai to be incredibly professional and reliable to work with. He engineered and mixed the audio for a Rhythm Magazine feature we regularly run after our usual engineer recommended him when they were unavailable for a session, I have since called on Jai numerous times to assist with both live and recorded work and know that the results will be fantastic every time. “ - Lizzie Cooley | PR and Content Executive at ACM

  • "Jai is an engaging and positive creative to work with. He is focused, and has a deep understanding of how to apply himself to pull the best elements out of a song. His vast knowledge of the studio means that we can host swift and efficient sessions with all types of artists, with big bursts of creative outlet." | Pitcher Collective 

  • “Jai has a calm, methodical approach to his work that generates confidence in the studio. While constantly striving to improve his technique and widen his skills, he realises that sessions primarily need to be creative and fun. “ - Simon Gogerly | Grammy award winning mixer/producer at HUB II

  • “Attentive, hard working and knowledgeable. Jai loves working in the studio and it shows. He is passionate about recording and has always worked towards attaining professional results and standards when assisting me on various project” - Mark Brocklesby | Recording & Mix Engineer at Big Smoke Studios, London

  • “Jai is a very organised and focused producer. He creates a great atmosphere for musicians and creatives alike to work within." - Ben Adams | Videographer at UpSet Media

  • “Jai did an excellent job on mixing the drum tutorial we filmed for Rhythm Magazine this month with Toby Drummond at ACM Guildford. I would highly recommend him and hope to work with him again in the future.” - Victor Holmberg | Videographer at ACM

  • “If you're a musician looking to record tunes, Jai is the man for you. I've worked with him on several recording projects of varying genres and his relaxed attitude and continual professionalism is what impressed me the most. He is knowledgeable and easy to work with. He gives appropriate and effective musical input. A 10/10 experience and would recommend to any ACM artist or musician in the Surrey and Greater London area.“ - Harry Garbutt | Undergraduate

  • “An experience that I would completely recommend, Jai is a lovely guy with a top notch work ethic. Every recording session has been good fun yet professional. “ - Louisa Gracey Glanville | Undergraduate

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