Jai Bansuri Goddard Bellchambers

Recording/Mix Engineer, Producer and Videographer

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  • Degree in BA (Hons) Music Industry Practice - Contemporary Music Production 
  • Work experience at Big Smoke Studios ran by Mark Brocklesby
  • Live sound engineering for ACM and other venues
  • Recorded many acts using beautifully and naturally analog gear including SSL, MTA, and Audient desks
  • Logic Pro X (Tracking, Mixing, Editing and Producing) and Pro Tools (Tracking)
  • Experience using professional outboard equipment such as Lexion reverbs, JDK Audio compressors and EQ’s, Universal Audio compressors and preamps, Neve preamps and various other professional gear
  • Own and use professional grade software plugins from companies like Waves and Izotope with knowledge on how to use them professionally including those built into DAW’s
  • Have used many different sets of studio grade monitoring systems including PMC, Yamaha, Genelec, Avantone and Dynaudio
  • Competent in preparing, setting up and tracking artists in any situation and confident enough to overcome any problem that may arise either using analog or digital means
  • Grade 5 equivalent in Drums with over 5 years experience
  • Over 10 years experience playing guitar
  • Confident mixing inside and outside ‘the box’
  • Have recorded audio in 5.1 surround sound using special microphone placement setups
  • Videographer audio management and recording services

Photo Credit: Ben Adams 

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