Jai Bansuri Goddard Bellchambers

Recording/Mix Engineer, Producer and Videographer

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A sound enthusiast with an absolute passion for music. Jai has always been devoted to creating interesting sonic images for himself and others. His interest for music began at an early age when he learned how to play drums, guitar and piano and as a multi-instrumentalist delved into composing music for himself under the name “Bansuri”.

Although music being his main ambition, one of his talents lied with technology. From a young age Jai was fascinated with computers, programming, web-design and technical services. Building his own computer at the age of eleven, he invested in a couple of digital audio workstation’s, FL Studio and Cubase. Self-taught, Jai learnt basic production skills and found where his path really lied.

While teaching himself music production, Jai became a member of several bands as a drummer and participated in open-mic nights to show his guitar and drumming skills. Although his interest in electronic music didn’t begin till later in his life, he took an A-Level course in Music Technology which laid the first foundation in his technical knowledge.

On completion of his A-Level course, he decided to leave his home town of Hastings and start a degree in BA (Hons) Music Industry Practice: Contemporary Music Production at The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford where he resides now.

Since starting his studies at ACM, Jai has had experience in a number of studios in and around London and has recorded and mixed many artists. His passion for sound engineering really grew after working with some of the most talented mixing engineers on campus when he decided that he would take up production and sound engineering professionally.

While Jai dedicates most of his time to mastering his mixing talents and engaging with clients, he is currently composing an EP. While he enjoys recording a truly wide range of genres, Jai likes to experiment with electronic music production and use a variety of avant-garde techniques which truly reflects in his work. His work is a fusion of minimal and experimental electronic music with live instruments leading to a tasteful cocktail of two musical worlds. He expects to release his EP in the coming months.

 Photo Credits: Elliot Hingston & Lousia Gracey Glanville

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